head-stash noun \hed-'stash\ : a prized possession especially : such that is not willingly shared with others : a personal stash

We are Hero Coffee Traders and sharing exceptional coffee is why we exist. Our society's relationship with this magic bean has ebbed and flowed throughout its tumultuous history, with the current trajectory abandoning the notions of commodity and instead focusing on those seemingly esoteric variables that set truly high-quality coffee apart from its barely remarkable brethren. Acknowledgement and respect for terroir, elevation and processing technique has enabled farmers to cultivate stunning heirloom and hybrid varietals that transcend countries-of-origin; highlighting individual farming families and collectives that consistently harvest the finest beans in the world.

Our beans are sourced through direct trade relationships and through brokers that understand our unyielding requirements for quality. Every offering is curated through extensive cupping and tasting to ensure only the best beans make it to your cup. We purposely restrict our lineup to guarantee the freshest roasts possible. These beans are our Headstash and we want to share with you, even if you're not willing to share with others.